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Home owners are taking extra care of garage doors now after having realized their importance of repairing and maintaining them periodically. At our company we place prime importance on getting garage doors fixed only by well-trained professionals with ample knowledge and experience. As technology advances you may notice a marked improvement in the quality of the door and the techniques used can also vary.  However, we are well-equipped to repair any type of door that is both old and new.

About our company

Not so long ago, preventive maintenance remained only in the user manual, but now home owners are beginning to take this aspect seriously as no one wants unforeseen repair expenditure. Moreover, safety concerns abound as a faulty door can injure anyone and it can be fatal too. Maintaining a garage door is no child’s play as there are over 300 parts that need to function seamlessly. Repair of any part can affect the functioning of the others too. Hence they should be done by the experts like the trained pros. This way the garage door remains functional for a long time and helps you save costs too.

Garage Door Repair Long Beach, CaliforniaTorsion springs form an important part of a garage door as they tend to break or give away soon because they take on a lot of strain from the weight of the door. Further temperature changes and general wear and tear also take their toll on the spring. If ignored, this will break at a time when you do not expect it, or worse still, if it does not hold up the door weight, it can fall on anyone and injure them or even cause death. We can help in changing or repairing broken springs in a matter of minutes and adjusting it so it offsets the door weight. This way, your safety is not compromised as you don’t have to leave the garage open late at night or pull it down manually.

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Our extended range of services include repairing off-track doors, releasing broken parts, garage door opener repair, fixing bolts and screws, checking and lubricating rollers and door track repairing. We also assess old and new doors to check if they need to be completely replaced. Your safety is our priority and we take our repair job seriously as any negligence can prove to be dangerous to your life and those of others around you.

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