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It’s not enough just to know how to operate a garage door. These easy repair tips come handy in case of a mechanical failure or break down. Learn more about your garage doors and how to detect their problems. Get excellent ideas about ways to maintain them and keep them working at their best!

  • Have broken panels replaced

    Because garage doors are big, they are usually sectioned into several panels that are connected by hinges. The great thing about this is that when your garage door gets damaged, you can actually have the specific damaged panels replaced. Garage Door Repair Long Beach advises that you replace the panels with the same or compatible parts to ensure that you maintain the right aesthetics and function.

  • Act quickly if your garage door reverses

    Reversing garage doors do not always indicate major problems. There's usually a need to adjust the door's travel limit by the garage door opener unit. Also check the sensors and make sure they're aligned. This is the most common reason for such problems. In any case, don't leave this problem unattended. If the door remains open, press the wall button for a few seconds.

  • Troubleshooting a Garage Door that Won’t Go Up

    If your garage door has stopped going up, the most likely culprit is the torsion spring. Depending on your door, you will either have one or two of these springs, which is in charge of actually lifting your door. A broken spring is enough to stop the door from lifting properly or at all. Garage Door Repair Long Beach highly recommends hiring a professional to replace springs because it can be a dangerous task.

  • Garage door maintenance is vital

    A garage door is like concrete – people tend to set it and forget about it. There’s not much maintenance needed, right? Wrong. A garage door is constantly in motion, pulling and pushing a heavy barrier into place, multiple times a day. It is vital that it receives maintenance, such as cleaning, oiling and part inspection, in order for it to keep providing its important service to your home. Calling in a professional for a regular check-up will save you a lot of heartache.

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