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Garage Door Replacement

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Improve your home with a new garage door today

Garage Door ReplacementDon’t make compromises with the safety, performance and security of your automatic garage door when you can get professional repair from our local company! We at Garage Door Repair Long Beach replace broken springs, repair openers and restore the condition of damaged panels quickly and effectively. Our emergency service is fast and dependable and covers Long Beach and the entire local area. Whether there is a need for replacing faulty safety sensor or for fixing a bent track, we will do the job in the shortest possible time. Your service range includes automatic door installation and maintenance too. Contact us!

You will have to decide which type of door is best for your garage, Aluminum, Steel, Wood or Craftsman. Once you pick the material, you will have the option of having garage door windows or just a solid door.

Our technicians are well trained to replace, install, repair and maintain your garage door. All parts will be new and of the highest quality possible.

1. Aluminum doors are very lightweight and steady as wooden doors, rustproof, and will last a lifetime without warping, peeling, cracking as wood doors will do.

2. Steel doors are the heaviest and most durable, and can be made to look like a wood door, if you want a door that is strong enough to handle those strong winds in the town, then this is the door you must choose for your garage.

3. Wood doors are a great asset to your home; they add beauty to your home’s facade. The downside to this door is that it can warp, peel and crack; a coat of paint can help for a few years, but eventually you will need to replace it.

4. Craftsman door is from Sears; it is durable and very stylish, depending on which type you go with.

When you’re ready to replace your existing door call us, we will have your new garage door installed today. These doors can have safety features built in, such as a door sensor; this device is a must if you have children and pets. The sensor will pick up on anything under the door and will immediately open back up preventing terrible accidents.

Excellent round-the-clock garage door repair and maintenance service

Once your door is installed, our technicians will provide you with preventive maintenance tips to keep your door operating smoothly without any problems. Maintained garage doors will last a lifetime, as long as a few simple tasks are done yearly, such as lubricating the hinges, springs, cable or chain depending on which type of drive you are using.

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