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Commercial garage door troubleshooting and repair service

Get responses from the experts. The garage door repair FAQs that set the record straight.

  • Do I need a garage door seal?

    The garage door seal is there for several reasons; to limit or stop rain from entering your garage; to keep bugs, pests, and other small animals out; to provide a barrier against air conditioning or heat loss; and to create an extra buffer from the weather outside. If your door is not sealed properly, you may find that your door can also get out of alignment. To make sure your door seal is functioning properly or to add a new seal, give our experts a call today.

  • When should I replace my garage door?

    There’s no hard and fast rule for garage door replacement. With proper, regular maintenance, replacing a door is generally not required. However, certain kinds of damage, such as severely damaged panels or hinges, can warrant a replacement. New safety features that can’t be retrofitted onto old doors can also be a reason to upgrade. Finally, your repairman can be your best friend here; ask him on your next maintenance routine to get tailor-fit, professional advice.

  • Is my garage door spring almost finished?

    One of the most common issues with garage doors is the spring. As a brittle, moving part, it can wear more quickly than other parts of your door. If your door fails to open, you may already have a broken spring. If the door is stuttering as it’s being used or looks crooked when opening the door, you may have a spring that needs replacing. Check it for cracks and elongation – if you can see either, give us a call.

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